Alla Yurievna Perfilova

Alla Yurievna Perfilova

Alla Yurievna Perfilova (Вале́рия (А́лла) Ю́рьевна Перфи́лова) was born on April 17, 1968, in Atkarsk, Russian SFSR, USSR. Alla is 172 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall and her weight is 48 kg (105 lbs), but her breast size is B. She is a famous Russian singer, she is also a photo model. Her parents were also related to music. Her father was Yuri Ivanovich (director of the local school in Atkarsk) and her mother was Galina Nikolaevna (teacher in local school). Alla graduated from Gnessin State Musical College in 1990. She was married to Alexander Shulgin from 1993 - 2002, then they divorced and now she married Iosif Prigozhin. She does not have any kids with Iosif, but she is a mother of three children from her marriage with Alexander. She has one daughter and two sons. Anna (daughter), Artemy (son), Arseny (son). Her net worth in 2020 is around $100 million U.S. dollars.

Valeria was a member of a jury in the X-Factor show, which was on Russian TV, also she was a judge on the festival in Jurmala - New Wawe. She has a lot of singles and albums, more than many major U.S. singers. Most popular albums are Strana Lyubvi (Loveland, 2003), Nezhnost' Moya (My Tenderness, 2006), Po serpantinu (Upon the Serpentine, 2013), Okeany (Oceans, 2016) and latest K Solntsu (Towards the Sun, 2017). Her most popular singles are "Stay With Me" 1992, "Samolet" (Airplaine, 1995), "Riga - Moscow" 2000, "Obo mne ne vspominay" (Forget About Me, 2003), "Prosto tak" (Just So, 2006), "Ot lubvi do razluky" (From Love Till the Parting, 2006), "Zhdi menya" (Wait for Me, 2010), "Po serpantiny" (Over the Serpantine, 2012), "Moi lyubimy" (My Beloved, 2014), "Mikroinfarkty" (Minor Infarctions, 2017), "Mikroinfarkty" (Minor Infarctions, 2017).

Alla earned a lot of awards, here are few of the awards Song of the Year TV Festival, "I've Let You Go", with Igor Krutoi in 2012,  People's Artist of Russia in 2013, Golden Gramophone for "We Are Afraid to Love" in 2013, Muz-TV Awards 2015, Best Artist of the decade in 2015, Golden Gramophone Jubilee, for "Riga-Moscow" in 2015, Song of the Year TV Festival, laureate, with "Oceans" in 2016, Fashion People Awards, Artist of the Year in 2016, Zhara Music Award, Collaboration of the Year, "Chasiki" with Egor Kreed in 2018.

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